How to use the OWSProxy3?

We include OWSProxy3, our W*S proxy solution. It is secure and can log proxy calls for billing. It can use a HTTP proxy itself to work in tightly secured environments.

From the client

The URL for the proxy is available as the Mapbender.configuration.application.urls.proxy variable. You can send WMS and WFS requests there, giving the target URL as the url parameter. Be aware though that the target URL must be signed (see below).

Signing URLs

The proxy is secured by checking a cryptographical signature on the target URL. This is basically a SHA1-Hash of the secret token defined in the parameters.yml, the base part of the URL and a salt.

That means that you are responsible for signing your URLs before passing them to the public proxy URL. You can do this in PHP by using the signing service provided by Mapbender:

$url = '';
$signer = $this->container->get('signer');
$signedUrl = $signer->signUrl(); //

Checking that the URL and signature still match is also easy:

$url = '';

This will throw an ArsGeograficaSigningBadSignatureException if they don’t match or no signature at all was included.

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