WMC Loader

Mapbender can save configurations (see WMC Editor). This configurations can be loaded with the element WMC loader.

You can add WMC Loader to your application as a selectbox or a button which opens a dialog.

When you choose a configuration, the services in the configuration will be merged in your existing application.




You can configure this module as a selectbox or dialog. When you use dialog then you need a button to show this element. See Button for inherited configuration options.


title: WMC Loader
tooltip: 'Load configuration'        # text to use as tooltip
target: map                          # name of map element
components:  ['idloader', 'listloader', 'wmcloader'] # select components from
                                     # idloader - load configuration by id on start of application like ?wmcid=<wmcid>
                                     # listloader - load configuration from a list
                                     # wmcloader - load from a file
keepSources: false                   # defines what should happen with the services of the application
                                     # default false
                                     # BaseSources - keep only the sources marked as BaseSource in the application
                                     # AllSources -  keep the sources that are already loaded in the application
keepExtent: false                    # keeps the actual extent, default is false (will apply the
                                     # extent of the configuration)

Class, Widget & Style

  • Class: Mapbender\WmcBundle\Element\WmcLoader
  • Widget: <Put Widget name here>
  • Style: <Put name of css file here>

HTTP Callbacks


JavaScript API


JavaScript Signals


Controlling by URL

Load a WMC by ID

To allow loading by ID you have to enable Id Loader in the configuration of the element.

If you have a WMC with the id <wmcid> you may pass the URL parameter wmcid to load the WMC: