Directory structure in Mapbender3


This directory contains:

  • the php-Cache (app/cache)
  • the logs (app/logs)
  • the configurations (app/config)
  • the applicationkernel (app/AppKernel.php) (this is called by the FrontendControllers and controlls the whole application)
  • the Autoloading (autoload.php)
  • the application specific resource directory (Resources)
  • the command line application for maintaining and management tasks (app/console)


  • is not in use at the moment. Here you can deposit e.g. installation scripts.


  • provides the mapbender-specific bundles and the Mapbender3 code.


This directory has to be published by the webserver. The ALIAS has to refer to this directory.

It controlls:

  • the FrontendController (PHP-Script, which can be called). These are app.php for the productive-system and app_dev.php for the development version. The development version contains the profiler for perfomance tests and more.
  • this directory contains the static resoures like css, js, favicon etc.


  • here the static resources of the single bundles are stored.
  • the following command copies the resources from the bundles to the folder.
app/console assets:install --symlink web
  • Notice: if you use Windows you can’t create symbolic links and therefore you have to run the command (app/console assets:install web) after every change in the code to copy the files to the directory.


  • directory for applications specific bundles (similar to the former x_-directories in Mapbender 2.x)


  • directory where all the Bundles which are used from Symfony are found. Resources are used by Symfony using the Autoloading.


The translation is stored in xliff-textfiles. Every language needs an xliff-file like for the german translation.

  • mapbender/src/Mapbender/CoreBundle/Resources/translations/