Persistent map view

This feature makes certain view parameters and certain source settings persistent. This enables an application to be closed and opened up again in the same browser without losing certain information.

Persisted and restored settings encompass:

  • view parameters (center, scale, rotation, SRS)

  • per-layerset selected or deselected states

  • per-source and source layer selected or deselected states

  • per-source opacity


Persistence is purely based on local browser storage, which means it is private to a user’s local browser. It also remains private for multi-user systems. There is no interaction whatsoever with the Mapbender login.

Not-supported map view parameters are:

  • Dimension parameter values

  • Source additions (via WMS Loader)

  • Layer / entire source removals (via Layertree context menu)

  • Source / layer reordering operations via Layertree (via drag&drop)

  • States of per-layer featureinfo checkboxes


Persistent map view is enabled on a per-application basis with a new checkbox under the “Base data” tab.


This change introduces a new column in the mb_core_application table and therefore requires bin/console doctrine:schema:update –force to be run.


This template can be used to insert the element into a YAML application with a new persistentView entry on the top level. Omitting this entry is the same as setting it to false.

            title: Mapbender Demo Map
            screenshot: screenshot.png
            published: true
            persistentView: true      # parameter to activate Persistent map view
            template:  Mapbender\CoreBundle\Template\Fullscreen