Git-based installationΒΆ


The Git-based installation is intended for Mapbender development or project-specific customizations that can be stored in a cloned Mapbender Starter. There, you can add your own printing templates, applications, or bundles. You can then load Mapbender and any other modules you need (e.g., Digitizer) using Composer. When updating Mapbender, compare the status of the Mapbender Starter repositories. The basic customizations can be done by chcecking the versions in the composer.json file.

All essential information is documented by the Mapbender team on GitHub. The key documentation files and their contents include:

  • describes the installation from the Git sources of the Mapbender Starter Git repository.

  • Upgrading.MD lists version changes in Mapbender (changelogs) within the development branch.

  • The Contributing Guide introduces development steps for Mapbender.