Launching Mapbender using the local Symfony web server

Launching Mapbender on the local Symfony web server allows for quick configuration using Symfony’s native mechanisms. This enables you to perform tests without the need to integrate it into a separately set up web server.


The local web server bundle has been removed and replaced with the local Symfony web server. Install the Symfony CLI development tool to use it.


The use of the Symfony built-in web server is not suitable for production environments.

In this document we assume that the SQLite database is used.

  • Please check the installation documentation for Linux respectively Windows.

  • Download the current Mapbender version

  • Extract Mapbender in an arbitrary directory.

  • Start the installed local Symfony web server.

symfony server:start --no-tls

The command runs a local web server, so that Mapbender is available on the local machine. By default, the server listens on address and the port number is automatically selected as the first free port starting from 8000.


Please note that you can pass the application environment (prod or dev) with the command below.

APP_ENV=prod symfony server:start --no-tls

You could also change the default port by passing it as an argument. For more options, check the --help flag:

symfony server:start --no-tls -port=8002
[OK] Web server listening
     The Web server is using PHP CLI 8.2.10